Drink Driving-Time For a Change in the Law?

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After statistics have shown that the battle with drink driving is far from over, the road safety charity Brake has called for the government to reduce the drink drive limit to 20mg alcohol per 100ml blood. This will mean people cannot drink any alcohol and still drive legally, effectively producing a zero tolerance to drink driving.
The law is currently set at 80mg per 100ml blood, in England and Wales and as Brake suggests, this leads people to believe they are ok to have a couple of drinks and drive.
However even if someone has less than 80mg alcohol per 100ml blood, there is evidence that shows a small amount of alcohol can impair driving.
It is also difficult to calculate how much alcohol is in the blood because this depends on many factors icluding body mass and weight, if you are on certain medication, whether you are male or female, and metabolism.
I believe there needs to be a change in the law about drink (and other drug) driving. I also believe that raising awareness is key, alongside the change of law. If people are given the knowledge and understanding this too will help to reduce accidents caused through all types of drug driving.

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