Drug / Alcohol Training

All courses and workshops can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Here are a selection of the courses we deliver. If you require a bespoke training package, please contact us.
If you would like to attend an open access course, but there is no date yet shown, or you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us to register your interest.

Basic Drug Awareness Training

  • What is a drug?
  • Do you wish to increase your knowledge about drugs?
  • Do you want to find out more about their effects and risks?
  • What does the law say about drugs?
  • What support and advice services are available?

Melvel Training provides this course for people who wish to update or build on their drug (including alcohol) knowledge.  The engaging activities promote discussion, debates and information that address those key questions about substance use and misuse, raising awareness and understanding.

Cost: Dedicated courses from £200.00 (half day) or from £300 (whole day) max 15 attendees, Open access courses from £60.00 per person

Coming very soon- our NEW E-learning course ‘An Introduction to Drug Awareness’


Alcohol Awareness

This Alcohol Awareness course highlights the possible health, social, economic and legal implications that the use of alcohol can have on an individual, families and society. It also provides ways of identifying problems and sources of help and support.

Delegates will:
  • Be able to identify short term and long term effects and risks of alcohol use
  • Know how to calculate and understand units of alcohol
  • Develop the skills to recognise when and how alcohol might be a problem
  • Have knowledge of what treatment and support services are available

Cost: Dedicated courses from £200.00 (half day) or from £300 (whole day) max 15 attendees, Open access courses from £60.00 per person


Volatile Substance Abuse

By the end of the course you will:

  • Know the range of products that can be/are abused and why
  • Understand the risks and effects associated with solvents
  • Be able to recognise common signs and symptoms of use/abuse
  • Have developed basic skills in how to support young people

This is  a half day course and is appropriate to anyone who works with young people, families and/or the community, and for anyone who is a parent/carer

Cost: Dedicated courses from £200.00  max 15 attendees, Open access courses from £45.00 per person


What Can We Do for Your School?

 For Your Young People:

  • Bespoke drug/alcohol workshops, lessons and talks, including work in special schools
  • Sessions for your health awareness/PSHE days
  • Talks to 6th Form students

 For Your Staff:

  • Drug awareness and drug education training
  • Quality assure drug education policies

Email: mel@melveltraining.co.uk  or

Tel: 07870 789 482.

Drug Awareness and Education Training Day

This course raises your knowledge and understanding about the risks and effects of a range of drugs. It provides practical ideas for delivering drug education as well as a guide for developing drug/alcohol policies in your school. It is appropriate to teachers and Head Teachers responsible for PSHE and/or delivering drug education in schools (secondary and primary).

Through this course you will:

  • Explore attitudes and perceptions in relation to drug use and those who use drugs
  • Be able to identify the effects and risks of legal and illegal substances including, ‘legal highs’
  • Gain an understanding of the UK drug legislation
  • Have knowledge of local and national support services and information
  • Develop practical ideas for delivering drug education
  • Have knowledge of developing an appropriate drug/alcohol policy for your school

Cost: Dedicated courses from £200.00 (half day) or from £300 (whole day) max 15 attendees, Open access courses from £65.00 per person

Alcohol Awareness Workshop for Young People

Alcohol awareness is delivered to young people in schools, but needs to be reinforced, to remind young people about the possible consequences of drinking at a young age and the importance of delaying using alcohol.

This workshop addresses the following key issues:

  • Understand the reasons young people may choose to drink alcohol
  • Understand the reasons young people may choose NOT to drink alcohol
  • Explore statistics about young people’s use of and attitude about alcohol
  • Identify issues, effects and risks of alcohol and how these  can increase, the younger a person is
  • Understand and explain the benefits of delaying the start of drinking alcohol
  • Explore ways to delay the age of use of alcohol
  • Know where to go to for advice, support and help

The workshop is interactive and informative, with the goal of raising awareness about alcohol and its health, social, legal and financial impact on young people, enabling them to make informed decisions about the use of alcohol. It also looks at normative beliefs around alcohol and young people, and the reasons why many young people choose not to drink.

Cost: From £125.00

Drug Awareness Workshop for Young People

The workshop aims to address the following:

  • Identify the reasons young people use/don’t use substances
  • Understand the effects and risks of substance misuse
  • Understand the law and drugs
  • Explore the short term and long term health, social, legal and economic consequences of drug misuse on an individual, their family and the wider community
  • The importance of making informed decisions about health and well-being
  • Greater knowledge of available support services

Whilst these are key areas, we will talk with you about the needs of your class/school and develop a programme that meets your requirements.

Cost: From £125.00


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