Why is There a Need for Drug Awareness Training?


For many people when they think of a drug they think of illicit drugs. When we deliver drug awareness we are considering ALL drugs. That includes alcohol, medicines, tobacco, caffeine, volatile substances and illegal substances. Drugs should NEVER be labelled as a good drug or a bad drug. Any drug can be harmful if it is misused. ALL drugs have the potential to be misused. The consequences of drug misuse are detrimental to an individual, to their family and friends, to a community, within the work place and to society.
We ALL have a responsibility (and a right) to understand more about substances, their effects and risks, and the impact they can have on ourselves and others. Anyone can be affected by substance misuse, either through their own use or someone else’s. Whether you are a parent/carer who cares about your child’s emotional and physical health, an employer who places importance on the health and wellness of your employees, a teacher who wishes to raise awareness in the classroom, or an individual who wishes to raise their knowledge about drugs, Melvel Training is able to assist you.
Why Choose Melvel Training?

Melvel Training ensures all training courses are engaging and interactive. You come away knowing our courses were worth accessing. You will also enjoy them!

  • Above all we are a down to earth and approachable training company, with a ‘can do’ attitude. We work with you to meet your expectations. We take the time to listen to your needs and plan and deliver training to fit those needs;
  • Training and seminars are engaging and informative, providing you with value for money;
  • Mel Vella is a leading expert in providing bespoke drug (including alcohol) awareness training and drug education, for all sectors;
  • Mel is a nationally and internationally recommended trainer and speaker, with the experience and ability to work well with everyone, including businesses, teachers, police, armed services, young people, local authorities and outreach services.
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