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Whilst Melvel Training is known for specialising in drug awareness work, Mel is also a writer, writing for businesses, and delivering writing courses to help people to write for their business. She has written health and well-being articles for organisations, including Impact Health and Wellbeing , and press releases for organisations such as YBCM Designs. For more information please contact Mel.

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Drug (including Alcohol) Awareness Training Day – BOOK NOW  

4th March, 2016 (To be held in Nottingham)

Just £50 per person if booked by 5th February, £60 per person after this date

This interactive course is relevant to a person who would like to either refresh their existing knowledge, or to gain more knowledge about the effects and risks associated with drugs, including alcohol.

Course Information

The course will be split into 2 sessions, during the day.

Session 1: Basic Drug Awareness

This part of the course will explore a range of drugs and the health, social, legal and financial impact of drug use and misuse.

Delegates will:

  • Explore attitudes and perceptions in relation to drug use and those who use drugs;
  • Understand the different reasons people may use or misuse substances;
  • Be able to identify the key effects and potential risks of a range of legal and illegal substances;
  • Develop skills to identify possible indicators / consequences of drug misuse;
  • Gain an overview of UK drug legislation;
  • Gain knowledge about the help, information and support services available locally and nationally.


Session 2: Alcohol

Delegates will:

  • Be able to identify the short term and long term effects and risks associated with alcohol use;
  • Understand different risk levels of drinking;
  • Develop skills to recognise when and how alcohol may be a problem;
  • Know where to find sources of support and information.

Lunch and light refreshments will be provided on the day.





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