2 for 1 on Soft Drinks?

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Main Blog | 0 comments

I keep questioning why there are always 2 for 1 offers on alcoholic drinks, but where are the 2 for 1 offers on soft drinks? I know we know the answer to this but it is a nagging point in my head.
People are penalised for drinking non-alcoholic drinks. My dad has never drunk alcohol and he is always commenting on how expensive his pint of orange and lemonade is compared to some of the alcoholic drinks on offer.
What about for those of us who go out and choose not to drink, or are the designated driver for the night? Where are our deals? What kind of message is this sending out in a country that already evokes a stereotypical image of a binge drinking nation. I hasten to add that not everyone is binge drinking but that is the image portrayed so often in the media.
So isn’t it about time for some equality for the non alcoholic drinkers?!

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