Girls and gangs-Working in Partnerships

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I had an interesting and enjoyable day at Groundwork’s Girls and Gangs conference in Nottingham, this Tuesday. There were a number of speakers who are experts in this area of work, including Carlene Firmin, who received an MBE at the age of 27.
What really stood out to me was that with over 100 women from various local services attending the event, we all shared a common goal, to help girls who are at risk of joining, or are already involved, in ‘gang life’. It is a complex issue and there are many elements to consider. This will rely on services working together, not in isolation and even more importantly, talking and listening to the girls we are trying to help.
I delivered a workshop about alcohol, the pathways into alcohol misuse, risks and effects and ways we can minimise the risks and effects by providing prevention and intervention work. This was within the context of the purpose of the conference, but as I pointed out, the risks/effects can apply to any young person or adult.
Many people have since requested information about other courses that Melvel Training delivers, highlighting the significance of drug/alcohol misuse within society. I am sure that the trainers presenting on the topics of domestic violence and sexual exploitation also had a high volume of interest for more workshops.
I feel the conference wil have reached many people and will in the long term result in more young people being helped.

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