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Our Drug and Alcohol Awareness E-learning courses are in the process of being updated- This is to provide you with the most up to date changes in the law, and to deliver the most recent information available about Psychoactive Substances (previously often known as legal highs), Cannibinoids and Alcohol.



4th March, 2016 Drug (including Alcohol) Awareness Training Day – Nottingham) COURSE INFORMATION

Our article ‘Reducing the Health and Business Impact of Drug Misuse’ READ IT HERE

We are excited to announce the launch of our Understanding and Managing Drug Awareness in the Workplace E-Learning course.

Have you seen our latest Drug and Alcohol Awareness E-learning Course, for all Employees?                                                      

The key changes to the new course are that it reflects recent changes in legislation and best practice (as well as include detailed information about ‘legal highs’). We have also  implemented certain technical developments in the build of the course, to ensure greater user experience. To request a demo please contact us

Drug Awareness and Education Bite Size Newsletter (Autumn), with information and links to free resources READ IT HERE

Drug Awareness and Education Bite Size Newsletter (Autumn), with information and links to free resources READ IT HERE

Drug Awareness and Education Bite Size Newsletter (Summer), with information and links to free resources  READ IT HERE


How Drug Awareness is Important to You!

Raising drug awareness is a commitment to mental and physical health and well being.

There is a culture in this country with a belief/stigma that if we talk about drugs everyone is going to be misusing them, yet providing accurate and reliable information about substances for individuals, young people, families and employees, is so important, and will help to prevent some people from misusing. Understanding the reasons why people may misuse drugs is also essential, as well as being able to know what support is available.

I want people to stop being afraid of talking about drugs. After all, when we talk about drugs, we should mean ALL drugs (caffeine and medicines, legal drugs and illegal ones). Learning about the risks and effects of drugs doesn’t always mean there is a problem at home, in an organisation, in a school, but is a proactive way to raise awareness and help to reduce the potential risks and effects.


What Can Melvel Training Do For You?

As well as our open access and e-Learning courses, we can provide a variety of options for you.

Deliver bespoke face to face drug awareness training

Mel is also a qualified teacher and is not only an expert in the subject of drugs, but is able to deliver the training in an engaging and interactive way. If you would like drug/alcohol awareness training, Mel will discuss with you exactly what is required, and plan and deliver a course to meet those needs.

Attend your health and safety awareness day/week

Talk at your event or deliver a workshop around drugs/alcohol.

Talks/Seminars/Guest Speaker

We provide talks or seminars to your organisation about drugs/alcohol, and discuss with you the content and detail required.

Develop Drug Education Resources

Melvel Training has extensive experience in developing life skills resources, particularly within the field of drug education. Melvel Training is able to develop or help you to design drug education resources.

Please contact us for further information.

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